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About 365 Arts

365 Arts is a non-profit operating in the urban area of Montreal. Through its activities, our organization aims to help individuals from under represented communities to find the ressources to grow in the ever evolving music industry. Our initiatives include workshops, concerts and educational services.

Our biggest achievement is the community we have been able to create through our activities. We have been able to position ourselves to be an intersection point and a safe space for marginalized individuals in the arts through the curation of black music.

Over the past years, our main focus has been to develop a concert series called The Shed. This event that spans over two days is a 100% improvised hip hop, jazz and R&B concert featuring a special guest.

About The Shed

The Shed is a pop-up live hip hop, R&B and jazz concert series that features a guest artist alongside a band of some of the best artists from the local improvised music scene. Since its inception in 2018, we have been able to host artists like Rich Brown, J.Hoard, Endea Owens, Melanie Charles, Tara Kannangara and Phase One.

The Shed’s curational aspect is what mainly differentiates it from other concerts and productions. Going to a The Shed event is an experience rather than a casual outing. The fact that all the music is improvised during the night makes every event unique. Visually, every space is treated to enhance the singularity element of the experience.

Through its unique model, The Shed allows its audience to discover artists that would be too expensive to bring to town outside of a festival, in a city that heavily relies on its local talent to keep its music scene vibrant.

The Shed has curated events for the Montreal International Jazz Festival (2019, 2022) among others.


The Shed offers production services for audio, video and live show creation. Through our extensive ressources of in-house talent, We offer high quality and modern content.

In 2021, The Shed has been commissioned by the Montreal International Jazz Festival in partnership with ICI Musique (Radio-Canada) to write and produce a show to outline the 50th Anniversary of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On.


The Shed also operates as an educational platform through workshops and private instruction. Part of the mandate of the series is to democratize musical knowledge and savoir-faire.

We offer mentorship on topics ranging from musical composition to financial literacy for artists.

Please contact us for any institutional requests for education purposes.